Den Wolsack en De Hofkamer


The monumental house Den Wolsack with Hofkamer in the garden is a well-kept secret in the heart of Antwerp.

About Den Wolsack and De Hofkamer

The story of Den Wolsack begins in the 15th century: Antwerp was an important center for the wool industry, and the district functioned as the city's main commercial center for almost four centuries. The street was renamed Wolstraat, and the term 'Wolsack' also dates from this period. The current mansion Den Wolsack largely dates from the 18th and 19th century and was built in the fashion of the time in (neo)-classicist style. At the back of the garden of Den Wolsack lies the Hofkamer, a prestigious show room where important guests were received. The Hofkamer put the wealth of the owner in the spotlight.

The showpiece of De Hofkamer is without doubt the majestic ceiling painting 'Gods op de Olympusberg'. On the first floor you'll find the book toilet, the most luxurious toilet room of the time.

Herita's offices are located in Den Wolsack. After years of restoration, the restored Hofkamer opened its doors for visitors again in 2017. The Hofkamer once again serves as a reception area for meetings and receptions, for example.

De Hofkamer

Connection and meeting in the city

The original function of the Courtroom, as a reception and entertainment room, cannot be separated from the main building, where the living quarters were located. Moreover, the main building literally functions as access to the garden and the Courtroom.

Den Wolsack's garden and the accompanying Hofkamer form an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Antwerp. The Hofkamer can be used exclusively for cultural-historical events and activities in the city.

Together with Visit Antwerp, the Hofkamer is open for group visits at very regular times. Visit Antwerp places a visit to the Hofkamer within the existing walks in Antwerp, so that Den Wolsack and the Hofkamer are included in a broader historical framework and social, urban context.

De Hofkamer


Herita wants to open up Den Wolsack as a total concept to a wide audience. The total vision is based on the (building) historical, stylistic, aesthetic and functional interwovenness of the building complex.

The majestic ceiling painting in the Hofkamer is part of the Flemish Masters in Situ project of Public Art Property Flanders and Tourism Flanders. The project guides visitors past places where works of art by Flemish Masters can still be admired in their original place.

Every Monday evening during the summer months the garden of Den Wolsack is the 'ideal place in the city' to enjoy a carillon concert in a quiet and historical setting 'with a view of the cathedral'.

De Hofkamer

Conservation and management

In Den Wolsack and De Hofkamer Herita is responsible for the management.

Between 2013 and 2017 the Hofkamer was restored. The building is equipped with all the necessary modern technical installations. Additional necessary facilities to receive visitors have been accommodated in the main building of Den Wolsack.

Herita is conducting a building archaeological survey to gain more insight into the accessibility of the site.

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