Kasteel van Horst

Kasteel van Horst

The castle of Horst in Sint-Pieters-Rode (Holsbeek) is first mentioned in 1434, but the oldest traces date back to the 12th century.

About us

Entering the site of Horst Castle you will be amazed by the monumental splendour of the castle and its reflection in the surrounding water. Horst Castle in Sint-Pieters-Rode (Holsbeek) is first mentioned in 1434, but the oldest traces date back to the 12th century. The former structure of a castle with a moat still determines the current structure of the castle. The characteristic square keep probably belongs to the oldest nucleus and was expanded into a fortified castle in the 15th century.

We owe the castle as we know it today to its noble owner, Maria-Anna Van den Tympel. In the 17th century she built a new chapel on the estate and a large coach house with stables. The famous stucco worker JC Hansche drew for a rich decoration of the ceilings of the knights' halls. The castle became a 'pleasure court' for the Leuven nobility and a base for hunting parties. Because the castle then went out of fashion, it remained virtually untouched until the last noble owner sold the castle and 113 hectares of castle grounds around it to the Agency for Nature & Forests in October 2007. Herita took over the leasehold of the castle and restored the left wing of the castle in a first phase between 2011 and 2014.


Volunteers keep the castle alive

Although the castle is not accessible to the public due to restoration works, a group of castle guides and volunteers joined forces in the Horst Society. Together with Herita they keep the castle site alive. Thanks to guided tours around the castle, workshops and nature walks, interest in the castle is kept alive.  Without actually entering the castle, the visitor is immersed in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and the 17th century. The heritage value and the social context remain relevant.

The Horst Society and many other organizations can visit the visitor center to offer their products or services. As a visitor, you will find information about the Wagenhuis, the Pynnockridders, the Agency for Nature and Forests and much more. The annual castle celebrations with the Pynnockridders are an annual highlight. In the Wagenhuis, visitors can also go for a bite to eat and a drink.

Students will also be involved in the further roll-out of public activities in and around the castle.

Conservation and management

Within the framework of the multi-year premium agreement concluded, Herita focuses on re-stabilizing the monument, opening it up and a phased restoration. The multi-year grant agreement will continue to be implemented and the works of phase 1 will be put out to tender.

Steun het Kasteel van Horst

Het eeuwenoude Kasteel van Horst is dringend toe aan restauratie. De komende jaren neemt Herita de nodige stappen om het kasteel weer open te stellen voor het publiek. 

Voor een groot deel van de werken ontvangt Herita middelen van de Vlaamse overheid.  Daarnaast investeren we ook volop eigen middelen in het kasteel. Om de volledige financiering rond te krijgen hopen we ook op jouw steun te mogen rekenen.

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