Sector development

OMD Jubilee

Herita strives to be a center of knowledge and expertise for real estate heritage known and recognized by civil society in the sector and by public authorities.

Herita wants to contribute to a flourishing heritage sector in which professionals, volunteers and organizations in the field of immovable, movable and intangible heritage work together structurally and complement and strengthen each other. 


Heritage Day

Every year, on the second Sunday of September, Flanders celebrates the country's biggest monument festival: Open Monumentendag (Heritage Day). Herita coordinates the national campaign and supports local Heritage Day organizers in organizing and promoting their activity. 

Heritage Day sensitizes the population and the government in Flanders to collectively take care of the immovable heritage and the movable and immaterial heritage that is part of it. Not only architectural, landscape and archaeological heritage, but also sailing, driving, rolling and flying heritage - in short, mobile heritage - are part of the program.



Based on the need for an authority that can be a mouthpiece for politics and governments and that promotes a general and collective sectoral interest, Herita wants to play a role by uniting and mobilizing the sector. As an advocate, Herita wants to offer solutions by contributing to the response to societal challenges from a heritage context.

Herita participates in the SARO, the Flemish Commission on Immovable Heritage and the committee that advises the Agency for Immovable Heritage on open heritage recognitions. Herita also organizes debates, surveys and roundtable sessions and incorporates the output into position papers and policy recommendations. 


Herita collaborates with various partners from the broad heritage sector within the framework of various projects. Together we increase our clout, bundle knowledge and increase support for heritage in Flanders.  The training programs below are an example of successful collaborations.