Site development

Creativity, innovation and respect for the past

Herita has valuable sites in her portfolio. For the sites under our own management, we strive for redevelopment, draw up a master plan and work together with partners on a contemporary interpretation. Creativity, innovation and respect for the past are our central values. We also strive for as many Open Heritage accreditations as possible for our own sites. 

Herita not only works on the development of these sites, but above all on the public opening up of these monuments. 

Abdijsite Herkenrode

Aiming for contemporary interpretations

Herita works with operators on a number of its sites to finance the management and residual financing of restoration projects. Herita seeks a balance between the economic aspect and attitude.  In order to achieve successful operations, Herita works on the basis of a bid book. For all the sites that have been restored, Herita has drawn up a development vision for open heritage. In this vision, care for heritage and high-quality public relations are central. In addition, we pay attention to generating added value. 

Herita is therefore looking for partners who can provide added value tailored to the monument. Some monuments, such as the Palace on the Meir, are commercial partners who run a catering business or shop. The other sites, they are partners in terms of content that reinforce the heritage story. In Beauvoorde Castle, for example, Herita works with the Passa Porta House of Literature to house an author in residence so that the literary character of this site can once again be expressed. Together with her partners, Herita is also committed to realizing projects, sharing knowledge and networking. Herita has build a strong network of volunteers for this purpose.

On the sites that Herita does not exploit herself, she still makes the difference by making full use of open heritage as a binding framework for exploitation. On these sites, Herita still takes initiatives itself to realize the hallmark of open heritage.

Kasteel Beauvoorde

Opening up monuments to the public

In opening up its own sites, Herita strives for an innovative approach to give the public a taste of heritage.  Herita strives for as many open heritage recognitions as possible. In doing so, we focus strongly on exemplary experiences of these monuments.

Herita wants to further expand the open heritage network of her own sites in order to share knowledge with partners and to strengthen access. As open heritage curator, Herita monitors the qualitative accessibility of her sites within their immediate surroundings and with the involvement of the local heritage community and volunteers. 

Herita's monuments are important witnesses of a regional history. In order to situate heritage in a broader context, Herita therefore builds bridges to similar sites or monuments that fit into a larger story or network. For example, at Beauvoorde Castle, Herita is working on a cross-border project with the Château d'Esquelbecq in France and is considering a project where Fort Napoleon would be positioned as part of the Wellington Barrier.

De Hofkamer

Conservation and management

Herita has 9 monuments under her own management. We manage these sites with an eye for heritage values, restoring and consolidating them according to the rules of the arts. 

For its sites, Herita works out the management plan's proposed and approved vision in consultation with the actors involved. In collaboration with Monumentenwacht, Herita monitors the good condition of all its monuments, in particular on the basis of the long-term maintenance plans drawn up by Monumentenwacht. Herita strives to maintain or improve the general condition score based on the baseline measurement 2017/2018. 

Herita also shares her expertise and experience in open heritage care and repurposing by opening up her own sites and sharing knowledge through events, publications or articles on the website.