Halte Schepdaal
Stop Schedaal is the only fully conserved tram depot of the Belgian Railways. It is a sympathetic museum in the rolling hills of the Pajottenland area. You can visit this piece of industrial heritage by yourself or in (class) group. Looking for a special location to rent? The old trams of Schepdaal offer a unique background to your photo shoot or event. 

19th century tram depot

1888 AD: construction workers start building the first hangars of the tram depot in Schepdaal. The site is situated on the busy tram line between Brussels and Ninove, which transports both people and cargo. The local railway connects regions that are not served by train.

There is a lot of activity on the site: carriages are parked and repaired, passengers get on and off. From 1910 untill 1929 the tram line is gradually electrified, but competiton with car traffic grows and trams are replaced by buses. In 1962 the depot is converted into a tram museum. Today you can still admire a unique collection of carriages.