Tramsite Schepdaal

Tramsite Schepdaal

We still have one in Belgium: a site that has been completely preserved as a community railway station. It was here that trams found shelter and were repaired, tram staff were at home and passengers got on their way. 

About Tramsite Schepdaal

After the construction of the first railway line Brussels-Mechelen in 1835, Belgium would become the densest railway network in the world. In addition to the state railways, which linked the major cities and suburbs, a National Company of Local Railways (NMVB) was also set up in 1884. The NMVB developed a secondary railway network, the 'neighborhood railway', which provided access to the countryside.

Schepdaal played a pioneering role as the first tram line in Brabant. From 1887, a steam tram ran from Schepdaal to Brussels until the Brabantplein in Molenbeek. This 'farmer's tram' transported local farmers to the early market in Brussels. In 1888, a depot was established in Schepdaal where the local trams were kept and maintained.

Tramsite Schepdaal

A lively site

Today, the local non-profit association supports the operation and the public (welcome - guides - attendants). They advertise activities, publish and distribute brochures, take care of the opening hours of the website and maintain contact with the partners.

Tourism Pajottenland organizes guided tours of the site. Tramway lovers can go to a small shop for literature and gadgets.

Thanks to its unique character, the tram depot is also ideal for various events such as exhibitions and company events.

Tramsite Schepdaal

A strong team of volunteers

Tramsite Schepdaal is a special site. It is the only tram site in Flanders of which both the local railway station, the tram depot and the workshop have been completely preserved. The collection of locomotives and carriages is also impressive. A strong volunteer team takes care of the opening up of the entire site and the maintenance of the tram carriages.

Tramsite Schepdaal is a site full of experience. Although there are no more trams leaving, there is still a lot of activity on the site! 

Conservation and management

Together with an external consultant, Herita screened the tram site with a view to further development. The original local actors, vzw Buurtspoorwegmuseum and META vzw, are working together with Herita on the further opening up of the site. The enthusiastic volunteer team also plays an important role in opening up the tram site.

The current and future management of the site is contained in a management plan in layout. Specific to this management plan is the emphasis on the storage and transport of the individual trams.

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