Horst Castle is a wonderful moated castle in between the green hills of the Hageland. It is the fictional home of the Red Knight. The castle is currently closed for restoration, but keep a close eye on the agenda for special openings, site visits or any activities on the castle grounds. The castle park and brasserie 'Het Wagenhuys' remain open!

Knight's dwelling & party castle

1434 AD: Horst Castle is mentioned in written sources for the first time. The oldest traces date back to the 12h century however. The 15th century characteristic square tower is the oldest remaining part of the building.

The appearance of the other rooms is largely due to the renovations of the 17th century owner Maria-Anna Van den Tympel. She adds the chapel, the coach house and the wings around the courtyard. She also furnishes the majestic banquet halls with stucco work by the famous lime carver J.C. Hansche. The castle becomes a pleasure garden for the nobility of Leuven and a base for hunting parties.

Because the castle soon falls out of fashion, it is relatively well preserved and untouched. In Willy Vandersteen's comic strips, the moated castle of Horst appears as the home of the Red Knight.