The late Gothic Heers Castle is located in the south of Haspengouw. This monumental site is closed for restoration, but keep an eye on the agenda to find out when site visits or activities are organised on the domain. Anyone who wants to contribute actively to the conservation of this beautiful place, is welcome on helping days.  

A monumental site in need of help 

1328 AD: historical documents first mention a castle in Heers. A good century later, the site is plundered and set on fire by the troops of Charles the Bold. The present castle is the result of reconstrucution and originates from 1500. In the following centuries war violence is never far away: Dutch, French and German armies all pass by. The Rivière family, who owns the castle since the 14th century, is declared bankrupt in 1757. This way, the most important creditor can acquire the property for a very sharp price. His brother and son are tasked with renovating the castle.

From 1859 onwards, the Desmaisières family take over the place and live there wealthily. In the 21th century the castle dilapidates completely due to squabbling and lack of money. Local volunteers try to save it. Today a lot of partners work together to create a new future for this impressive site full of history.