Abdij van Herkenrode

What we do

Preserving Heritage Sites in Flanders

Herita has the privilege of managing and restoring valuable historical places in Flanders, with the support of many volunteers. In this way our beautiful, but often fragile, heritage sites are preserved for future generations.

We open the heritage that we manage to the public. This way, a wide range of visitors can really discover, experience and appreciate these special places. We try to broaden and deepen the support for real estate heritage in Flanders.

As a heritage foundation, Herita has the ambition to grow into a National Trust for Flanders. We liaise with other National Trusts worldwide. In this way we are part of an international community of more than 1.000 monuments which are managed in the public interest. By the community, for the community.  

Anyone with a heart for monuments, landscapes and archaeological sites is welcome to participate in Herita's mission: as a member, volunteer, sponsor or visitor. Herita brings people together: united in common purpose and gathered at heritage sites full of beauty and history!

What is a National Trust?

There are many National Trusts worldwide. Some are very famous - for example The National Trust in the UK - others are regional foundations.

What they have in common is that they manage heritage sites, have a membership program and are responsible for part of their income through fundraising. Funds raised are further invested in heritage to protect it for the future. 

Help us make a difference. Join us as a ...


Enjoy and experience our historical sites. Together we make sure they are protected.

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Spend your free time caring for special places, meet new people, join our cause.

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Our places are unique and irreplaceable, but also fragile. Your support helps!

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