The Meir Palace is a palatial city residence in the commercial heart of Antwerp. It is a 18th century roccoco gem with interesting styling additions from later residents. Temporary expositions are announced in the agenda (Dutch). You can also rent this unique location for a special occasion. 
Palatial city residence on the Antwerp Meir

1745 AD: the rich merchant Johan Alexander van Susteren demolishes three buildings on the Meir to build his dream palace. However, he dies before the work is completed. The property quickly ignites the interest of Napoleon Bonaparte. He redecorates and embellishes the palace with French empire furniture, but he never lives there. When the palace is finished, he is already in exile on Elba. The next owner, king Willem I of the Netherlands, furnishes the hall of the XVII Provinces. But in 1830 the Belgian revolution takes place and a new royal family takes over ownership. Coveted by many, but inhabited by few, the Palace in Meir continues to fascinate!