Molen van Hoeke
Anyone driving via the express way to the Flemish coast will pass the Mill of Hoeke, you cannot miss it. Every first and third Sunday of the month between 10.00 and 12.00 am you can experience this piece of heritage. Depending on the wind and the amount of milling work, you can find the miller over there on other days of the week as well. Whenever you see the wings rotate, you can drop by. The miller will happily guide you around, show you the milling proces and sell his artisanal (whole wheat) flour. 

Welcome to miller Filip's ground sailer

The current Mill of Hoeke was constructed in 1840, however, the origin of this piece of heritage is a lot older. In 1481, a wooden post mill is situated on this spot. According to certain sources, milling already takes place in 1324.

In 1936, the Belgian state buys the Mill of Hoeke and awards it the status of a protected monument. Because the mill is no longer in a good state at that time, it is put out of action. In 1985, after two rounds of restoration, the Mill of Hoeke regaines its milling capacity and finds a new miller: Filip Devoldere. With his passion for the miller's profession, Filip allows you to truly experience this piece of agricultural and industrial heritage.